A 2nd KNOBS Tonal Recall Video: Why?

artist10k672“The Artist 10k” by Dave Coverly. Reproduced with permission.

Chase Bliss Audio midi guru Paul Uhl sent me this comic when we were in the throes of beta testing / final development, and it felt so appropriate. There were so many times during the Tonal Recall development process where I thought I was finally “done,” and I wasn’t.

Ok. Onwards to the point of this blog post. Fans of the “KNOBS” youtube channel may have noticed that a 2nd full Tonal Recall demo has been released, and well, that’s unprecedented. Simply put, I asked knobs to do a 2nd full video because the pedal he used was a prototype and did not reflect the sounds the pedal is capable of in the production version.

Now for the slightly longer story.

To be blunt, the development process for Tonal Recall was insane. Or at least it felt that way to me. We had a reasonably good prototype for the NAMM show in Winter 2016 and I felt like setting the release date for May 31st was pretty conservative, and would allow for ample time for tweaks to get to the final version, and it turns out I was a little bit wrong. The weeks leading up to the Tonal Recall release were the most sustained stress I’ve ever experienced. We were still making changes to the design a few weeks up to the release, fixing little issues and also improving the sound and usability of the pedal.

Knobs was one of the first people in the world to get the pedal, so the pedal he demoed was different than the production spec, and also is probably not calibrated optimally.

Word has gotten out about this and I’ve been getting a lot of request for a “knobs version” of the pedal because people have fallen in love with his demo. I’ve even honored some of these requests that have been particularly aggressive, but all have resulted in them sending the pedal back to me. I love his original demo too (I washed it down with a memorable scotch the night it dropped)… but I love the new demo even more…

The truth is, everyone that has played the production version compared to earlier prototypes have always preferred the production version (even knobs himself… in fact he provided feedback that made it into the production version of the pedal).

In short… yeah, having two knobs demos is not what I planned. But hey, at least we got to watch two knobs demos. The Tonal Recall R&D circuit took years off my life and I’m super proud of the product we released. I have to thank my awesome team of beta testers too who had the guts to provide honest feedback and suggestions when it was not necessarily what I wanted to hear so close to the release date. If you want more information and another perspective on all this I invite you to read Gabriel Tanaka’s excellent review over at Best Guitar Effects. He was a beta tester and played all versions of the pedal, so he has a special insight as well.

And without further ado, here’s that latest KNOBS demo.