mkI MIDI Spec

Chase Bliss Audio mkI MIDI Specification 1/4/15

This is the MIDI spec for mkI pedals.  mkII pedals have all MIDI information in their respective instruction manuals.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. I used to be pretty intimidated by it, and generally shied away from stuff that used it. Now, I see it for what it is. It is a brilliant, yet simple language that musical instruments and devices can use to talk to each other. Chase Bliss Audio pedals can do some fun stuff with MIDI, but they need a little help.

Getting There
You’ll notice right away that Chase Bliss Audio products do not have a standard midi jack on them. We use the Empress Effects Midibox to interface with our stuff. This changes the signal from the standard midi cable to a ¼” cable, in a way that our pedals like. There’s one more thing you have to do though. Chase Bliss Audio pedals need this midi data on the RING of a TRS (TIP, RING, SLEEVE) cable. Since the data coming from the Empress Effects Midibox is on the TIP of the TRS cable, we need a custom cable that flips the signal from tip to ring. We sell them in our online store, but if you are of the DIY type, you can make them yourself very easily.

Why the RING?? WHY??!?!
Well, you’ll notice that jack doubles as a tap input/output jack. So the TIP of that jack is for that signal.

OK, Onwards to the SPECS:
Warped Vinyl is hard coded to midi channel 5, Wombtone to midi channel 6. This can technically be changed but requires me to change the code slightly, which is no big deal.

To engage/bypass the effect it’s CC>>102>>0 for bypass, 127 for engage. You can also reset the ramp by sending an “engage” when the pedal is already engaged.

To send tap tempo information it is the same as Strymon… CC>>93>>(anything)

To activate presets it’s a *program change* message… “1” to recall right (red) preset… “2” to recall left (green) preset… “3” for ‘live’ mode.

The pedals also sync to midi beat clock, and there are 6 beat divisions which are activated by the tap division toggles / dip switch.

If you have any questions about this at all, please email Joel (at)